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Registered Agent Services

Providing Reliable Service

At BEI, we’re honest and upfront about every service and price. The $69/year you pay on day one is the same price you’ll pay for the lifetime of our service. That’s our guarantee to you.

Our Registered Agent Service

You are in the right place if you are looking for a professional, reputable Texas registered agent service that can provide privacy and stability. Included in our $69/year registered agent service:

  • Use of our brick-and-mortar Austin business addresses

  • Access to a secure online account where you can view, store, and download documents

  • Annual report reminders and real-time notifications when new documents are received

  • Instant access to pre-populated business forms

  • Business help resources on taxes, annual reports, and more

What makes us different? 

We protect your privacy. If you act as your agent, your address will be listed on the Secretary of State’s website for anyone to see. Your information is protected with us because we list our address instead of your personal address.

We provide stability. As your business grows, you might change locations or expand. Changing your address with the state can be a time-consuming headache. Using our address is a way to sidestep the hassle and project stability. With our service, your business will have a permanent, brick-and-mortar address listed on all the paperwork filed with the Secretary of State, which lends credibility.

We keep you on the right side of things. Texas loves its rules and regulations. We keep you in the clear by sending you annual report filing reminders. We even give you the option to have us file your annual report when you sign up for our services.

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