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501c3 Tax Exemption

Let Us Help You Start Your Nonprofit!

Starting a nonprofit takes a big heart, but no matter how invested you are, the process can be tedious and bewildering. The nonprofit start-up checklist can pile up: become 501c3 certified, train volunteers, select some staff, find grants for nonprofit start-ups, find someone to create a logo, set up a website, and so on.

What Is A 501c3?

When you’ve begun the process of starting a nonprofit, one of the first questions you encounter is: what is a 501c3, and how can it help my organization? 

The recognition of your organization as a 501c3 tax-exempt entity by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers many advantages in helping your organization receive donations. Primarily, having an active 501c3 status allows donors to receive a tax deduction, provides grant funding eligibility for the nonprofit, lowers postage rates, and increases credibility within the community. 

Here at BEI Consulting, we can help you gain active exempt status with the IRS, guaranteed. Get the help you need with your IRS 501c3 application preparation from our dedicated nonprofit team.

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